2018-01-17 | 医院,室内设计,巴塞罗那

建筑师将其定义为“Parc d’Atencions”——“护理公园”。在这里,小病患和他们的家人可以获得无微不至地药物上的、情感上的以及个人需求上的护理与关怀。新的医疗中心被划分为三个不同主题的空间:以自然环境为主题的候诊区——关照到儿童、青少年和家长三个不同的群体;以宇宙为主题的医疗会诊区以及以赛车场为主题的诊室和诊疗区。设计师使用无害的装饰材料和暖而柔和的灯光,为病人和医护工作者营造友好温馨的环境。同时设计师也设计了一系列方便人们互动和交流的区域,如可以共有的桌子,供儿童和青少年使用的游乐场等。平和清雅的色彩、自然柔和光线为不同类型的患者带去轻松、愉快的诊疗体验。

▽ 候诊区 the waiting area


▽ 医疗会诊区 the medical consultations area

▽ 诊疗区,the treatment area

We have defined this new Daytime hospital as a “Parc d’Atencions” –“Care Park”– (a word play with the definition of an amusement park in catalan, a friendly environment for the youngests).The “Care Park“ is a place where young patients and their families receive all kind of cares and attention: medical, personal and emotional. The new Daytime Hospital has been divided into three different spaces:the natural environment (the waiting room designed for three different publics: child, teenagers and parents), the universe (the area of medical consultations) and the racing circuit (the boxes and treatment area). We worked with wood and natural materials, non-invasive decorative elements and warm lighting design trying to create a friendly environment for patients and the medical crew working daily on it.Within the design service exercise we’ve conceptualized and designed different areas where to find complicity between people (table/co-work area), playground area at the scale of the younger patients (cottage) and the pouff areas for teenage patients.We have designed a friendly environment to make a more nice and enjoyable experience for all type of patients in a delicate situation, where calm colors and indirect and natural lighting predominates.
▽ 平面设计,graphic design

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